Ethically-sourced, minimally processed, and exceptional quality. Nick Sheridan of 99th Monkey makes the best nut butters around. We love 'em. Particularly his amazing organic peanut butter (made from the only organic peanuts grown in Australia) and also the pistachio and almond butter.

Nick's a super-lovely guy who really cares about farmers and creating a truly quality product for his customers. You'll never go back to supermarket-brand peanut butter again. And you can read more about his story in the Broadsheet.  

Love chillies? The Hot Chilli Woman's hot sauces are amazing. For the last 12 year Ange has been growing her own chillies and turning them into amazing hot sauce. We haven't included the 'extremely-hot' sauce, made with scorpion chillies, in our boxes this month, but that's what you love, you can get it here! And she's a regular at the Handmade in the Hunter Market

Cold brew coffee is so great. And the Gold Coast's Kind Coffee Company bottles up a lovely brew. Here's a simple little recipe for an Iced Coco Coffee....

  • 1 x 200ml bottle of cold pressed coffee
  • 1/2 cup coconut water
  • handful of ice

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth and serve in a tall glass. If you don't have a blender, pour coffee and coconut water into a glass and add ice. Yum!

(Makes 1 serve)

Peter and Shauna at Cedar Creek Bush Foods are amazing. Peter is a chef with an amazing knowledge of bush foods and transforms them into gourmet delights. They source much produce from the Sunshine Coast, but also from all over Australia and you'll find it in amazing jars and packets at the Noosa Farmers Market. We feature their Rosella Jam and extra hot Habanero Volcano chili paste in our Full of Sunshine Boxes. Just for a little something different! Yumm...

We're a big fan of limes and so we feature two amazing products from the lovely Linda and Daniel at Suncoast Limes. Lime and Berry cordial is made with their own limes and local strawberries. The family cordial recipe has been passed down through the generations, and now they've added that extra little twist by adding strawberries. The perfect summer drink! And then there's lime salt, made with lime zest. Yummm

Alan and Bronwyn sought a tree change 10 years ago, and they found it in Olive Trees. since then they have produced amazing olivey things - oils, olives, balsamic salad dressings and more. Bronwyn also developed a lovely line of olivey beauty products. They are passionate about authentic farm produce and love sharing it with people like me and you. You can find them at the Noosa Farmers Market every Sunday. We've featured their balsamic salad dressing in our Full of Sunshine Coast Box and we're sure you're going to love it.

At Rancho Relaxo near Byron Bay, Jane grows fragrant and tasty pesticide-free citrus fruit and turns it into award-winning fruit cordials. I bet you want to go there right now and pick fresh limes and mandarins from her trees. The next best thing is to grab yourself a bottle of her amazing lime cordial and whip up a Byron Cooler, and imagine that summer is already here (Jane has kindly shared her recipes on the back of the bottle). Jane's products are featured in our Blissful Byron Bay Gift Box and Byron Bay Monthly Box. Yummm...

I call him Mr Pecan – Frank Boyle from Nimbin Valley Pecans and Dryland Rice. There’s a simple secret to his pecans. They are cracked fresh every week. Really! I reckon that’s just one of the reasons that he’s been awarded the best pecans in Australia. I think that pecans are an under-rated nut. But thankfully Frank is changing that. Frank's pecans are featured in our Blissful Byron Bay Gift Box and the Byron edition of our monthly Tasting Box and Discovery Box. Oooh..

Au Naturale Olives. If you like olives, you’ll looooove these sundried olives. Even if you don’t like olives, you might just like these – really, just try one. They are the plump raisins of the olive world and there's nothing quite like them. Take them as gifts overseas, and the Greeks, Italians and Spanish are bowled over by them. Two lovely fellas pit the little olives by hand to keep them as intact as possible through the natural drying process. Denyse, the Grumpy Grandma (a term of endearment from her grandkids) and hubby Alan have won barrels of awards. Be warned, they are addictive. You'll love Grumpy Grandma's smoked olives and flavoured olive oil too!

Grumpy Grandma's products feature in our Blissful Byron Bay Gift Box, I Love Olive Gift Box, and the Byron edition of our monthly Tasting Box and Discover box. Yummm...