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Each month we’ll feature a different region for you to taste and discover. Occasionally we’ll put together a box of great produce from a particular state. Sometimes we’ll have a theme that features Australia-wide farmers market fare. There’s so much to discover at farmers markets around Australia.

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Our mission

To be delicious, curious, adventurous, exciting and positively helpful. To love you and to hope you love us.

A message from Christiana Stergiou, founder

Confession. I am addicted to farmers markets. Thankfully, it’s an addiction that’s full of happiness and health. And where I live, near blissful Byron Bay, it’s been all too easy to hooked on my local farmers markets. Six days a week, there are almost a dozen farmers markets in this bountiful region. 

I want to help you to discover the wonderful products available at Australia’s fabulous farmers markets. From Byron Bay to Noosa to the Barossa Valley. I founded My Farmers Market Table to bring these regional delights straight to you.

I hope you’ll join me and together we’ll discover the wonderful producers, the delicious products and the endless delights on offer at Australia’s fabulous farmers markets.

Want to get in touch or find out more? Email me at love@myfmt.com.au or phone 02 8005 0735. I’d love to hear from you.

Lots of love, Christiana